Onwards to a new chapter, together.


Dear You,

First of all, thank you for sticking around and watching this space.

The past 24 months have been truly special. The Closet Baker started off as a medium to document my baking journey and eventually grew into a small business with the incredible amount of support from this community. A huge thank you to each and every one of you.

Fast forward to today, with a small studio to call our own, our hope is to be able to better create pastries made with the finest of ingredients that focus on aesthetics without compromising quality.

It is therefore with a great deal of excitement (& a lil’ diffidence) to announce that The Closet Baker will be rebranding to A Brief Respite.Β 

While the journey to get to this point involved lots of late nights, self-doubt and fear, it has also been the most fulfilling of days filled with self-growth, discovery and learning to just, be.
My respite through it all was a 15-minute daily routine of drinking morning coffee, grabbing a quick bite and setting intentions for the day. My hope is therefore for our products to not only bring delight to your palate, but also a sense of peace and quiet amidst the daily grind.Β 

To mark this milestone, we will be launchingΒ our first ever official tasting box "Coming Out", of whichΒ you will see familiar old favourites from our homebaking days, with the addition of some mouth-watering new ones.Β 

We hope you’ll continue to journey alongside us and should you ever need a break, you know where to find us.Β 

Thank you, for seeking a respite in us.

Founder of A Brief Respite
(formerly The Closet Baker)
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