our narrative

Soulful, not sinful; relish the moment with our artisanal bakes crafted with intention.

We believe good food replenishes the soul. Every bite is a gentle reminder to be present.

Slow down, take a breather and savour what life has to offer within our delicate treats.


Enjoy it alone, or with your loved ones.
An accompaniment to good food is better company, after all.

founder's story

Respite (noun): a short period of rest or relief
"a warm cup of coffee to start the day, a mid-day nibble on a tart & an evening daydreaming of all the good things to come."

In a world where there will always be mountains to scale, the constant trek takes a physical and mental toll on our mind, body and soul. Through it all, my brief respite is a 15-minute daily routine of drinking morning coffee, grabbing a quick bite and setting intentions for the day.

A Brief Respite was therefore conceived with the intention to not only bring delight to your palate, but also a sense of peace and quiet amidst the daily grind. While my journey of personal growth involved lots of late nights, self-doubt and trepidation for the future, it has also been the most fulfilling of days filled with self-discovery and learning to just, be.

After having spent a good number of years chasing one goal after another, A Brief Respite is a gentle reminder to myself that there is no time like the present.

& I'd love for it to mean the same to you.

Shawn, Founder and Pastry Chef
our philosophy

Baking has always been a form of catharsis; a way of expressing ourselves.

At A Brief Respite, our favourite part about baking is the creation process – the fluidity, spontaneity, and experimentation that comes along with it. Our inspiration is drawn from the little things in life that may often be overlooked – a slow walk in the park, a favourite tune, or an artwork.

At the heart of each of our bakes is an appreciation of simplicity and a sense of curiosity about flavours and ingredients. We create pastries made with the finest of ingredients that focus on aesthetics without compromising quality.

Thank you, for seeking a respite in us.